Sozialer Fortschritt: "Non-Compliance With The Compulsory Employment Quota Of Severely Disabled People - An Empirical Investigation Of Potential Causes At The German Federal State Level" (Borah, Hahn, Knabe)

21.01.2020 -  

New publication by Melanie Borah, Kathrin Hahn and Andreas Knabe:

This paper examines factors that can explain substantial differences in the employment rate of several disabled people between the German federal states from 2003 to 2015. It puts special emphasis on the situation in Saxony-Anhalt, which had the lowest employment rate of disabled persons nationwide during this time. The multivariate statistical analysis provides evidence that the degree of compliance with the compulsory employment quote is determined by socio-demographic rather than economic characteristics of the states. Within the specified model, the main determinant of the employment rate appears to be the share of (registered) severely disabled people in the population.


The publication can be found here.

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