PhD and Master - Thesis Seminar WiSe

13.12.2017 Xiqing Xia Graduate Unemployment in China: Lessons from Germany
13.12.2017 Kathrin Hahn Nichterfüllung der Beschäftigungspflichtquote gemäß § 71 SGB IX in Sachsen-Anhalt Eine empirische Untersuchung möglicher Ursachen
20.12.2017 Christine Lücke Unlucky at Work, Unlucky in Love: The Long-Term Effects of Job Loss on Marital Stability
10.01.2018 Melanie Borah Appreciating the Proceeds from Household Production - The Determination of Extended Income Equivalence Scales from Income Satisfaction and Time Use Data
17.01.2018 9:00! An Hoang Time-use, Employment Statuses and Well-being. An Empirical Analysis using British Time-use Data
07.02.2018 Carina Keldenich The Added Worker Effect

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